An Argument for Information Design

Everybody is complaining about an epidemic of information overload, but people don’t seem to realize that the resulting information fatigue is largely a functional design problem. To whit: good design makes information visible and manageable, but we are still at a very early stage in our understanding of information design. We are all whining about crude screen designs, hierarchical menus, and maze-like hypermedia structures, whereas we need to start by addressing the general question of dynamic information design. In this paper, I argue that interface design and computer graphics should transmute into a discipline I would refer to as ‘information design’. Good information design will offer us the means to manage both new media and new paradigms of communication.

Interaction Design: State of the Art and Future Developments. An Argument for Information Design. Introduction to: Multimedia Graphics. The inter-national sourcebook of interactive screen design. / Edited by Willem Velthoven and Jorinde Seijdel. Amsterdam: BIS Publishers, 1996. (US: Chronicle Books; Germany: Friedrich Schmidt Mainz; rest of the World: Thames and Hudson).

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