Florian Brody


Florian Brody is a media visionary focusing on the transition between old and new media. Looking at new media to understand what makes them “new” and how they relate to old media, Florian has created a wide range of solutions that integrate advanced technology with usage behavior carried over from well-know media.

Florian works with early-stage companies and start-ups in the Silicon Valley on strategic messaging and positioning. He helps international start-ups to establish their presence in the US and to understand the specific challenges and differences in raising money and building a market. He is a principal at The Halo Agency and managing partner at Brody & Partners.

He has served as key senior team member and advisor for marketing and strategy at high growth companies in a wide range of industries. He co-founded several start-ups and raised significant amounts of capital. He also works as life and management coach in the start-up as well as the not-for-profit space.

Florian co-invented the first electronic books and created multiple groundbreaking digital publishing solutions in Europe and the US. Earlier he built the multimedia market for Apple Austria and developed digital media catalogs at the Austrian National Library in Vienna.

Florian has been teaching in academic and business environments since 1988. He was a member of the graduate faculty at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, served as visiting professor at the Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria and held the multimedia chair at the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg. He teaches entrepreneurship and mobile payment strategies at the Universities in Linz, Austria and Magdeburg–Stendal, Germany. He actively promotes to collaboration between German speaking countries and the Silicon Valley and has initiated an incubator for Austrian start-ups.

Florian has been instrumental in developing groundbreaking media solutions and communication strategies for Fortune 500 companies, including Kodak, Apple and Accenture. Florian co-invented Voyager Expanded Books, the first electronic books to be read on a laptop, in 1991. He worked as a strategic consultant in new media for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and was an advisor for the Multimedia Task Force of the European Commission DG III.

Florian studied Computer Science and Linguistics at the University of Vienna and worked as researcher in computer linguistics and film theory. He was a member of the Graduate Faculty of Art Center College of Design and held the multimedia chair at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria. He frequently keynotes at events and is published in the fields of digital media and electronic publishing.

Brody grew up in Vienna where he studied computer linguistics, worked at the Cinémathèque Française in Paris and as fashion photographer in Vienna. He is an internationally acclaimed speaker and has been published in multiple languages.