Tabula Rasa Golden Age of Design is neither gone, nor has it arrived: observing the desktop-publishing disasters on one side and the incredible potential of digital design tools on the other, we investigate the relations between digital media-both as a creative tool and as delivery medium-and design. By combining the grids of the Golden Mean with the layering capabilities of digital design software, we aim to understand the way design communicates in new media and how the wisdom of traditional forms can be integrated into a dynamic non-linear form. We need to break up the old structures-as gently as possible-and to leave space for new forms to grow within both new and traditional media.

Being on the cutting edge is always somewhat unstable—one longs for it, like traces of a strange and sweet scent that is also repulsive like the smell of decay. One follows the scent unconsciously, embarrassed and not even admitting the attraction to oneself.

Tabula Rasa. together with Sarah Hahn. Introduction to: Cutting Edge Web Design, by Daniel Donnelly. Rockport Publishers 1998. Paperback edition 2002

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